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This is so nice, the color is red shining croc. Great bag. This replica hermes bag is stunning, but it is Crocodile Embossed Leather and the lining is synthetic.


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If I could give this a 10 I would! I was getting frustrated because it took a few weeks to receive it but boy was it worth it. Run and order this now. I own the real deal in blue and gold as you will see in the photos. It scratched badly and easily the first time I wore it to the office. I now only wear it on special occasions. When I saw these I had to give them a shot. Dead ringer for the real deal in weight and all details. I am ordering more right now! Glad I did not pay $600 for it. The photos say it all. I ordered white and and gold is the real thing!!

Update: Just received pink and black. Both are excellent quality though this shade of pink is not my favorite. Both look as shown. Waiting for last two and will update and post more pics.


Birkins Replica Hermes

I purchased the purple one which is exactly as seen on here and love it. The bag closes with a flap locked with key so if you want quick access you'll have to fold flap into bag and use it as a tote bag. It had an inside zipper pocket and a wide open pocket.


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I have an Hermès replica belt and this is as close as to the real thing you can get!! I was shocked! It’s pretty amazing!


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This is a really cute dupe wallet for the famous H wallet/clutch. It is an average wallet size (7.4 inches) and it's has lots of slots, coin holder, check holder - it covers everything that you would need to carry. Only downside is that it doesn't adapt to adding thicker items/bulking up more than 1 thing in parts of the wallet (example, having my checkbook on the lower part and then combined with cards - gets bulky on that side) and the wallet cannot expand to bulk very well with the strap that just slides to close it. I just ended up balancing out my internal compartments, but the wallet still slid closed fine. Just FYI in case you carry a ton of stuff in a wallet, this may not be the wallet for you. I ordered Rose - it's a beautiful deep pink that borders being deep red. Very pretty. The wallet came shiny, no smells, no scrapes or marks - for the price, I was very happy. Even with having just a piece of leather to close it (just like the H wallet) - I find it easy to close, doesn't give me issues at all. Am debating on buying the Navy - just to have on hand! If I could ask one thing - it would be more colors, and possibly to make it almost 8 inches would be nice -like a clutch!


replica Tote hermes Bag

I am a very satisfied customer. This bag is absolutely gorgeous, with thick, high quality leather, sturdy silver hardware, and a lovely canvas interior. I feel like I won the lottery! It really feels like a much, much more expensive piece.

I included a lot of photos so you can get a sense of the size. It is a very ladylike bag but holds a ton of stuff! I have a huge cosmetic case in there along with a large continental style zip around wallet, sunglasses case, as well as having the interior pocket stuffed with lip balm, pens, medicine, and more..... But nothing bulges! Everything lays well, even when the sides and the tip are snapped shut. I also included a photo of the bag next to a pair of size 7 shoes for sizing perspective. Amazing that all that stuff fits inside this bag. I was using a much larger tote and am so pleased that I downsized without having to clean out my bag, haha.

All in all... Buy it! The quality of the leather is great! And it's so lady like! Very happy with this new work bag. No weird odors with mine. I added a small purse scarf (which I found on Amazon by searching the terms "purse scarf") and I really think it looks like a million bucks!

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This bag is exactly as described. The leather smells wonderful and feels soft and durable. The color is an amazing rich red. The quality is just as nice as the 40cm taupe Birkin I bought from this seller 2 years ago. This version of the Hermes Garden Party 36 is one that you won't feel guilty to buy. Fabulous bag!

- Mirabel Birkins Inc.

Good value for the price. The color came in a little darker than I thought... but I can live with that. I enjoy the simple design but you get what you paid for. The edge glaze is kinda sloppy. That’s why it’s a four star. I like it in general.

- Lanny Herme Inc.

exceeded my expectation. I'd go for a different color too. if you like this style, design then you'd love this. I have bought two bags from Ainifeel so far, I don't see myself stopping. They made quality bags. I could add pictures but honestly, the pictures listed are accurate and clear.

- Hildegarde MBT Inc.